Deluxe Back & Body Wrap
Powerful Pain Relief Through Natural Heatâ„¢

Deluxe Back & Body Wrap

Warms with Air Deluxe Back & Body Wrap

The Deluxe Back & Body Wrap is ideal for tired and sore muscles of the back, hips and shoulders. This soft and stretchable wrap features pockets for 2 large heat pads, each generating a full 12 hours of soothing heat. The fabric is durable, comfortable and machine washable. Use as often as you like, while sitting or walking and replenish specially designed heat pads as needed.

12 hours

  • Reusable
  • Comfortable
  • Machine Washable Fabric

Ideal for back, hips, and shoulders

Directions: Simply insert air-activated heat pads into pockets. Stretch and wrap around affected area of discomfort. Adjust position of warmers as needed.

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